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  1. To begin installing the WaterFall system, start at one end of a gutter. Take the top edge of the WaterFall (Fig. A) and slide it under the first row of shingles on the roof.Note: it may be necessary to slide the top edge under the second row of shingles if the edge of the roof or nails are in the way.
  2. Once the entire top edge is under the shingles, pull the front edge of the WaterFall system down so that it snaps onto the front edge of the gutter (Fig. B). To get a better hold on the WaterFall product, you may want to insert the claw end of a hammer into the lower channel of the WaterFall and then gently pull it forward and along the channel to secure the entire lineal section (Fig. C).If you have difficulty in fitting the WaterFall over the front edge of the gutter, simply bend the gutter lip up slightly until the WaterFall fit is snug on the gutter (Fig. D). Leave approximately a 1″ space between the end of the gutter and the end of the WaterFall system to allow for expansion and contractions due to temperature variation. Follow directions to properly install end caps at the end of the gutters.
  3. Install the next lineal of the product using the same method as described in step #2. It is important to leave 1/2″ space between each installed lineal to allow for product expansion and contraction. Next, snap a connector clip over the 1/2″ space between each lineal (clip optional).
  4. Repeat steps until the entire gutter length is covered by the WaterFall system.
  5. To obtain the best inside or outside corner fit it is suggested you use a miter box. The WaterFall product should be cut while it is held in place at an angle that simulates the same angle it sits on the gutter. This is best accomplished by folding the top edge back at the flexible hinge so that the channeled surface is on an angle.(Fig. E) The WaterFall can now be mitered to fit the desired corner by cutting through both the channels and top edge surfaces.Note: The top edge may require additional trimming, depending on the exact angle desired. Also, it is good practice to install diverters at the bottom of long “valleys” created by two roof sections meeting at an inside comer.There is no rule of thumb for this; simply it is a solution if water flow at valley is too much for WaterFall to handle. You may also choose to have that small portion of gutter uncovered to handle the increased water flow.Note: The WaterFall end cap is no longer available.  For all new installations of The Waterfall we recommend fabricating end caps from sheet aluminum with the template provided below.Note: All installations should provide for a 35 to 40 degree pitch on the surface of the gutter guard. The following accessory item must be used for the following types of gutter:
    1. 6″ K-style gutter – 6″ K adapter.
  6. Download Waterfall Instructions

    Waterfall Endcap Template

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